Tom Sexton answered my questions, was knowledgeable and professional. His crew was friendly, hardworking and finished the job in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again and recommend them !”


5 star rating.

My father had moved a house and put it on a sub-par foundation on the new lot. The stone masonry was cracking and at risk of falling off, the doors were getting out of alignment and the house was pulling away from the front porch. They secured the masonry and were able to fix the whole foundation for around $6,000.

The manager, Thomas Sexton, went way above standard professionalism. When I realized that the insurance reimbursement had to be cashed in two days, he drove over to pick it up from me (I was visiting town, sick and didn't have a car) and took it straight to the bank.

This is what my tenant who was living in the house that was repaired had to say after having had so many bad experiences with other contractors who did not keep their words, especially around appointments, "The foundation repair went well. I really liked the guys that did it. They were very fast, and other than the roofers, one of the most punctual people we have had out here. I am very big on setting a schedule and sticking to it, which I know can be very hard when it comes to construction-type companies -- but they were great!" They were not even deterred by the severely cold weather.


5 star rating

When cracks started appearing in the bricks outside of the house my wife and I have lived in for 29 years--and raised 3 children in--I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to do. To be honest, I was quite worried considering that our house was the biggest purchase I've made in my lifetime, and I knew that I needed to protect this investment.

Luckily, I ran into Thomas Sexton at the gym and he was kind enough to stop by to evaluate the situation, and provide me with a free quote on what he recommended in terms of fixing the problem. As it turned out, like many older homes in Lubbock, my house was beginning to experience foundation issues.

I set an appointment for the West Tech team to come out to repair the foundation and, to my surprise, they got it done in a couple days--and for a very affordable price. I'm very appreciative for them helping my wife and I stay in the house we've lived in for almost three decades, and for giving me the peace of mind that my house will continue to retain its market value for the foreseeable future.a efficitur libero. 

— Client

5 star rating